Euromayday-Action against precarity and exploitation - Thursday, 29. of April, 15:30 , Liebfrauenkirchhof

Englische Ãœbersetzung des Aufrufs

Euromayday Bremen has continued working on precarity since the last Euromayday Parade. Throughout summer 2009, there were solidarity actions for a Emmely, a worker in the chemist-chain Schlecker who was sacked because she allegedly stole a token worth 1.30 Euro. It turned out that his kind of "sacking on suspicion" is nothing unusual, and that the Schlecker corporation is planning pay-reductions up to 40 %.
This led to continuous protests in Bremen and elsewhere.
Some active Schlecker workers, Mayday activists, the network "we won't pay for your crisis", the service trade union verdi, neighbours, customers and many more kept causing trouble for the local Schlecker-outlets.
After much public critique against the policies of the corporation, they announced a revision - but it remains to be seen if this leads to an improvement of the highly precarious working conditions.

In the last few months, it became clear that far too few people have the energy and the courage to stand up against these everyday impositions. Most are clueless - yes, its bad, but what can you do? Building public pressure like in the actions against the Schlecker corporation is a long-term process, and at the same time it is only one small piece in a larger jigsaw.
But it also became clear that resistance is possible. Not only in the formal negotiations between trade unions and employers, but also through organising that involves workers, customers, people from the neighbourhood and political activists.
Labour conflicts are not private problems of individual workers, but they are major social struggles involving all of us. In Bremen, a flashmob in a Schlecker Outlet and a temporary occupation of the liberal political party (FDP) showed: if we push our issues in a determined manner, we will cause quite some trouble!
Euromayday Bremen will continue in this line around Mayday and invites people to a rally about working conditions, both in local retail in Bremen and in the sub-supplier industry. The rally on april 29th includes a surprise, at 15.30 at the Unser-Lieben-Frauen-Kirchhof.